12.9.2014 Tapahtuma

Väitöstilaisuus Marko Höyhtyä

OP-sali (L10) kello 12

27.8.2014 - 29.8.2014 Tapahtuma

Intensive Course on A Compressive Sensing Primer with Applications by Marcelo de Campos

Lecture Hall: TS 128 Course title: A Compressive Sensing Primer with Applications

21.8.2014 - 22.8.2014 Tapahtuma

Intensive Course on Medical Healthcare Systems and Services by Prof Kohno

Medical Healthcare Systems and Services based on Advanced ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) Date: Thursday 21 August at 9-12, Friday 22 August, at 8:30-11:30

18.8.2014 Tapahtuma

Antennas for Cognitive Radios

Infotech Oulu Lecture Series: Antennas for Cognitive Radios------------------------------------------------------------

18.6.2014 Tapahtuma

Väitöstilaisuus Ulrico Celentano

Linnanmaa,  Kuusamonsali YB 210, kello 12

12.6.2014 Tapahtuma

Short Course on NFC and RFID Physical Layer

VENUE: TS 101 Pre-registration by 6 June, 2014

9.6.2014 - 11.6.2014 Tapahtuma

Infotech Intensive Course on Physical Layer Wireless Security

Assistant Prof. Lorenzo MucchiDept. of Information Engineering (DINFO), University of Florence, Italy  

2.6.2014 - 4.6.2014 Tapahtuma


9th International Conference on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks (CrownCom) June 2-4, 2014 Radisson Blu Oulu, Finland

27.5.2014 Tapahtuma

3rd DCE Research Highlights Seminar

Venue: PR 101

26.3.2014 - 27.3.2014 Tapahtuma

Intensive course on Interference Management in Cellular Networks

    Lecturer: Prof. David Gesbert, Professor and Head of the Department of Mobile Communications of EURECOM

21.3.2014 Tapahtuma

Tieto- ja sähkötekniikan tiedekunnan avajaisseminaari

kello 8:30-13:00Saalastinsali, Oulun yliopiston päärakennus

11.3.2014 Tapahtuma

Infotech Oulu Lecture Series: Dr. Xiaobo Zhou

at 10:00-11:30Lecture Hall: TS 127

21.2.2014 - 22.2.2014 Tapahtuma

Tekniikan päivät Oulussa

28.1.2014 Tapahtuma

Visiting talks by FiDiPro Fellow Alhussein Abouzeid and Professor Kenneth R. Foster

IEEE Finland Section Distinguished Lecturer Tour Time: 9:00 am Venue: TS101

17.1.2014 Tapahtuma

DIDES Seminar

Distributed Decision Making for Future Wireless Communication Systems (DIDES)Seminar 17.1.2014 at the University of Oulu

19.12.2013 Tapahtuma

II DCE Research Highlights Seminar

The DCE Highlights Seminar presents current research topics and includes two visiting talks:

18.12.2013 Tapahtuma

Väitöstilaisuus Xiaojia Lu

Linnanmaa, OP-sali (L 10) kello 12 Resource allocation in uplink coordinated multicell MIMO-OFDM systems with 3D channel models

29.11.2013 Tapahtuma

Väitöstilaisuus Petri Komulainen

Linnanmaa, OP-sali (L 10) kello 12

28.11.2013 Tapahtuma

Vierailuluento Dr. Shirish Nagaraj

Aika: 11:00-12:00Luentosali: TS 127     Infotech Oulu Lecture Series

26.11.2013 - 28.11.2013 Tapahtuma

Smart Grids by Prof. Geert Deconinck

Infotech Oulu Intensive Course

22.11.2013 Tapahtuma

Visible Light Communications by Prof. Dominic O'Brien

Infotech Oulu Intensive Course Visible Light Communications VLC TIme: 9-16Venue: TA 105 - please note THE CHANGE OF VENUE. For the location se the attached map.