Intensive Course on Flexible Backhaul Design for Interference Management in Cellular Networks

Maanantai, elokuu 10, 2015 (Koko päivä) - Keskiviikko, elokuu 12, 2015 (Koko päivä)

by Infotech Oulu Doctoral Program
Time: 13:15 - 17:00
Venue: TS 128
Lecturer: Prof. Venugopal V. Veeravalli, University of Illinois, USA

Background and motivation:

Enhancements in the backhaul infrastructure are anticipated in future generation cellular networks.  In this short course, we explore the potential benefits of having a more flexible backhaul. For the cellular downlink, we study assignments of messages to base station transmitters and Coordinated Multi-Point transmission based coding schemes that deliver the promise of interference alignment while meeting delay requirements. In particular, we highlight the importance of basing the decisions for cell associations as well as assignments of messages over the backhaul on the knowledge of the structure of dominant interfering links. We observe that the optimal designs differ dramatically based on the network topology. In practice, the topology can change because of deep fading conditions and network dynamics, and we therefore introduce a dynamic interference network model and consider backhaul designs for this model. In the last part of the course, we discuss dual designs in a cellular uplink model where the base station receivers can share decoded messages through the backhaul.    

Scope and contents:

Interference channels, degrees of freedom and  interference alignment, message sharing between access points, impact of backhaul capacity constraints, uplink versus downlink

1. Introduction to Interference Management
2. Information theory for Interference Channels
3. Degrees of Freedom Characterization of Interference Channels
4. Finite Diversity and Iterative Algorithms for Interference Alignment
5. Coordinated Multi-Point Transmission for Interference Management
6. Locally Connected Channels and Optimal Message Assignment
7. Interference Management in Cellular Networks

Lecture material

HW assignment
Please return your solutions to Prof. Markku Juntti's mailbox no later than Monday 31st of August at 16:00

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